Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite translation?

I read a wide range of translations and do not have a clear favorite.  My tried and true fall-back Bible is an NIV Study Bible (1984) that was given to me at my ordination many years ago.  When memorizing Scripture, I tend to use the ESV or another essentially literal translation, since I figure if I know as closely as possible what the original says, I can always paraphrase a passage when quoting it, if needed to make the meaning clear.  When in doubt, I readily turn to the original Greek or Hebrew, since no English translation is entirely perfect.

Where do you get the Bibles you review?

For the most part, I buy them, although review copies from publishers are always welcome.

Why can’t I find some of the Bibles you review in my local Christian bookstore?

That’s a good question.  Most retailers tend to stock what sells.  Since relatively few people purchase expensive, high quality  Bibles, it doesn’t pay for a retailer to tie up funds or shelf space in that kind of inventory.  I actually think there is more of a market for high-end Bibles than most publishers and retailers realize, and I hope that blogs like this one can begin to change their perceptions.

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